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About Us

Walden Run was founded because we love knowing where our products come from. The world is getting to be a pretty small place and materials can come from just about anywhere to be a part of just about anything. Our products are 100% plastic free and use 100% domestically-sourced hardwoods. Our products are built in Red Oak, Iowa, the heart of the Heartland.

We are on a mission to bring supply-chain accountability into every facet of the wonderful world of home goods. You want beautiful, up-cycled furniture? No problem. Stunning, original jewelry made from local, old-growth oak? Done. Unique, plastic-free designs for everyday kitchen items? Way ahead of you.

Where there's waste, there's potential. The Walden Team rescues hardwood from local agricultural clearing and re-forges the wood into consumer works of art. When you admire your Walden product, also admire the heritage of the resources involved in making that product; we certainly do.